The Pure Bookkeeping System

As all bookkeepers join the BACS Team with a variety of experience and qualifications each one will have created their own bookkeeping systems. In other words, if you put 10 bookkeepers in a room there would be 10 different ways of doing the same thing!

In order to deliver unsurpassed repeated experiences for our clients to have them feel delighted, we have created The Pure Bookkeeping System which ensures there is consistency and uniformity in processing regardless of which BACS Bookkeeper has been assigned.

The Pure Bookkeeping System is made up of 6 parts:

  • Part 1 – Housekeeping
  • Part 2 – General
  • Part 3 – The Balance Sheet
  • Part 4 – BAS/IAS Preparation
  • Part 5 – EOY
  • Part 6 – Reporting

Some of the Checklists included are for:

  • Every Session so that you know the work completed and the hours worked so there’s no surprises when you get your invoice
  • BAS Preparation so that all the relevant GST Accounts reconcile before lodging
  • IAS Preparation so that all the relevant Payroll Accounts reconcile before lodging
  • EOY Preparation so that all Balance Sheet Accounts reconcile before passing onto the Accountant to lodge the Tax Return

One of the most important parts is THE BALANCE SHEET. One of the contributing factors to poor bookkeeping is when the bookkeeper doesn’t understand the Balance Sheet. The Pure Bookkeeping System educates our bookkeepers about the Balance Sheet and how important it is in the overall financial picture of your business.