Knowledgeable, passionate, clinical in approach, systems
–       Jason Humphris – Event Management International
You genuinely cared enough to help me through a difficult time when my previous
bookkeeper left me in a terrible state.  I can’t thank you enough.
-        Sally Cant
Thrilled with service.  Woudn’t hesitate to refer BACS.  Efficient.  Knowledgeable.  Trustworthy.
-        Gino Senese – 8 Appliances

In my role as Practice Director I am responsible for finance and accounting. One of my first
priorities in taking up my role was a review of bookkeeping practices and procedures, and
streamlining of processes and reporting.

When I met with Debbie from BACS, I was immediately confident in the competency and
efficiency of the business, but more importantly felt an instant rapport and sense of trust,
which was a key factor in selecting BACS as our provider.

What was most impressive was the rigorous processes that BACS has developed, which
ensure that regardless of which bookkeeper is assigned, there will be consistency in
procedures and reporting. This was very reassuring.

Our experience with BACS has been fantastic and the support provided has been
invaluable to both myself personally as well as the business. There has been a lot of value
added beyond pure bookkeeping, exceeding initial expectations.
I would not hesitate to recommend BACS services to any business who needs bookkeeping support.

Claudette Leeming
Practice Director – Carr Design Group Pty Ltd

BACS has been a valued part of the UP&UP Creative team for over 10 years. Debbie, Angie and Tess have all given expert advice and timely support for my business as it has evolved with changing requirements over the years. BACS has always given caring, responsive and proactive advice to help me keep on track with my accounts. The Pure Bookkeeping System, which Deb has developed over the years, has given assurance and seamless handover of my financial systems when new bookkeepers were assigned to UP&UP. I highly recommend BACS, Debbie, Bernie and the Team to help with your bookkeeping and tax compliance. Thanks BACS!

Monique McNamara

Up & Up

As a not-for-profit arts organisation we require unique assistance in the area of bookkeeping. Due to the nature of our accounts the organisation needs a bookkeeper that can take the time to learn about our business and assist us with specific accounting needs. Debbie Roberts and her team at BACS have provided this specialised support. Through assisting us with operational aspects of accounting software and investigating the nature of our business Debbie and her team at BACS have allowed us to strengthen our financial systems. The team at BACS are also aware of our not-for-profit budget lines, offering us an affordable service that meets the needs of our business.

Paul Gurney

Executive Director

Next Wave Inc

I have been using Debbie and the team at BACS to do my bookkeeping for over eight years since I first outsourced my bookkeeping. I could not be happier – they are now an integral part of my team, and have helped me grow from being a business coach on my own to now having five different businesses. Fiona, who does my books now, is not only impeccable in her bookkeeping, she is proactive in looking for ways we can do things better, and makes sure I have the information I need when I need it to run my various businesses. I think the biggest compliment I can give BACS is that I have recommended them to literally dozens of my clients over the years, and continue to do so. Thanks Debbie, Bernie, Fiona and all the team for helping me get where I am today.

Peter Cook

Business Coach and Entrepreneur

I’ve been with BACS Bookkeeping since Aug 2010.  We decided to make the change from our previous bookkeepers because they weren’t able to fit our needs. We are a not-for-profit and have particular reporting & compliance requirements which they weren’t able to meet. We were thrilled with the systems that BACS introduced which we now follow to simplify the bookkeeping process to ensure we gather the information they need so that they can do their expert job. Debbie assigned Roger to us and he has been very patient as our enterprise gets traction in the community and grows. Now we have tax-deductibility there is even more accountability and I’m so glad we have Roger managing that very capably and professionally.

Dot Green

Be The Change

BACS Bookkeeping has revolutionised the way we do our business. I finally feel on top of all the book work and I now have a system that works. Zina is very knowledgeable, obliging and always has great ideas on how we can improve our systems even more. Thanks Debbie and Zina for all your help during my child rearing years! You’ve been a lifesaver and at least the bookkeeping doesn’t keep me awake at night!

Nadia Conn

CT Electrics

I’ve been working with BACS for since 2006 and they are an integral part of my team. The best decision I made when I was starting my businesses was to engage BACS to take care of the bookkeeping. I knew it was an area that required expertise which I didn’t have and I also didn’t want to waste my time doing the bookkeeping when I needed to be growing my businesses. BACS has taken the headache out of the bookkeeping for both our businesses Recruitment Academy and Recruit Me Now and has been well worth the investment. Debbie has a great team who look after me and taken the time to understand our business – Bernie is fantastic and always there if I need something urgently and Roger who is my regular bookkeeper is unreal! He understands my business, is pro-active with suggestions and advice and I never have to follow him up – he always gets back to me. It’s important to me that BACS is flexible and because of their honesty and integrity, when the volume of transactions vary from month to month so does their bill – they only charge me for the hours they work. If you are looking for a great team who empower you around your finances then look no further. I highly recommend BACS!

Michael Dimopoulos

Managing Director Recruitment Academy and Recruit Me Now

Using BACS to take care of my bookkeeping means trouble free and stress free. In a psat life, I used to do the bookkeeping myself and it was a constant worry. Now I do the building and BACS does the bookkeeping. That’s a valuable partnership which I would highly recommend.

R & A Thomas Constructions